Kayoko Ohtsuki

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A quick-freezing and deep-etching method in combination with replica immunoelectron microscopy was applied for examining localization of hyaluronic acid and fibronectin on the upper surface layer of rat mandibular condylar cartilage. Rat temporomandibular joints were dissected with articular disks in order to leave the articular cartilage surface intact.(More)
Conventional medical/dental systems have developed only doctor or patient model. Howevel; two models are needed to quantifi the dental/medical therapy; those are Patient model and Doctor model. The authors focused on the mouth opening and closing training done for the patients who have disorders on their jaw joints. The mastication robot as a patient model(More)
We developed a jaw movement training robot system implementing a 6-degree of freedom (DOF) parallel mechanism, and applied it to jaw opening and closing training, which is one of the therapies for temporomandibular joint disorders. As one application of this system, we developed an intermaxillary traction therapy system that provides non-physiological(More)