Kayode Lawrence

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The thenar region was studied with ultrasonography in 10 healthy volunteers. All thenar muscles could be identified and their course followed entirely. In addition, their function could be assessed by scanning during unresisted or resisted active movements. Standard approach, normal appearance, and dynamic tests for each muscle are described.
We aimed to investigate the incidence of electrolyte abnormalities, acute kidney injury (AKI), deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and infections in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) treated with hypertonic saline (HTS) as osmolar therapy. We retrospectively studied 205 TBI patients, 96 with HTS and 109 without, admitted to the surgical/trauma intensive(More)
Using a rapid-quench technique the effects of ethanol on the uptake of 45Ca2+ into PC12 pheochromocytoma cells were studied in suspension. At concentrations achieved during acute intoxication in man (25-100 mM), ethanol inhibited both the carbachol-stimulated and K(+)-induced uptake of calcium. Inhibition of carbachol-stimulated uptake of Ca2+ occurred(More)
Using a rapid-quench method to measure 45Ca2+ uptake into PC12 cells in suspension, we have studied basal, carbachol-stimulated and K+-induced Ca2+ uptake under control conditions [( Na+]o = 130 mM) and in the presence of acutely lowered extracellular sodium concentration [( Na+]o = 65 mM). Acute reduction of [Na+]o stimulates basal and K+-evoked Ca2+(More)
The distribution of specific binding of [3H]dihydroalprenolol([3H]DHA) in sucrose gradients (0.2-1.75 M), containing homogenates of the cortex of rat brain, centrifuged to equilibrium (110,000 g/16 hr), was examined in controls and after treatment with antidepressant drugs. There were no significant changes in the specific binding of [3H]DHA after acute(More)
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