Kayo Yoshimoto

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This paper discusses an active shaping method for an unknown rheological object by considering the characteristics of viscoelasticity. By utilizing a four-element model for approximating the dynamic characteristics of object's deformation, we drive the deformation decomposition into the elastic response and the plastic one. For shaping the object, we then(More)
In the three-dimensional light field display, the quality of the 3D image depends on the resolution of the display device which is part of the system. A single LCD or projector device has been used as a display to construct the conventional 3D display. However, it is difficult to display the high quality 3D image by the system constructed of a single(More)
The latency model is an analytical model for describing the behavior of nonlinear viscoelastic contact interface in robotic grasping and manipulation. The latency model is based on experimental observation of viscoelastic materials which exhibit the behavior of both elastic and temporal responses when subject to external force or displacement. It is(More)
Viscoelastic materials are known to exhibit temporal response that changes force or displacement at the contact interface under position or force control, respectively. In this paper, we conduct experimental study using force control to explore and observe creep phenomenon in robotic grasping in order to better understand the nature of such contact(More)
This paper presents a gastric contraction imaging system for assessment of gastric motility using a 3-D endoscope. Gastrointestinal diseases are mainly based on morphological abnormalities. However, gastrointestinal symptoms are sometimes apparent without visible abnormalities. One of the major factors for these diseases is abnormal gastrointestinal(More)
We have previously proposed a retinal projection head-mounted display (HMD) using the principles of the Maxwell Ian view. The principle of Maxwell Ian view can provide an image with a focal depth. In conventional HMD prototype, we have been using a holographic optical element (HOE) as an optical combiner. However, there are some problems with HOE.(More)
This paper discusses a shaping strategy of a rheological object whose deformation characteristic includes both elasticity and plasticity. We first introduce a seven-nodes viscoelastic model for approximating the outline and the dynamic characteristics of the object. Then, we show a shaping method of the object's outline, where the ratio between the object's(More)
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