Kayo Togawa

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The influence of sleep position and the degree of obesity were examined in 257 subjects with sleep apnea. Subjects were divided into three groups according to obesity: normal weight (body mass index (BMI) under 24.0 kg/m2), mild obese (BMI 24.0-26.4 kg/m2) and obese group (BMI 26.4 kg/m2 and heavier). The apnea + hypopnea index (AHI), the intraesophageal(More)
It is known that visual input plays an important part in vestibular compensation. Recent physiological evidence has shown that there are some differences regarding functional contributions to the vestibular nuclei between the right and left eye. The present experiment was undertaken to elucidate the influence of blindfolding one eye on vestibular(More)
Analysis of gait in patients with acute unilateral peripheral vestibular disorders was performed using foot switches and electromyography, with the aid of a telemetry system. Among the eight parameters set for the analysis, the occurrence rate of abnormality in the coefficient of variation (CV) was the highest (78%) for the time from heel strike to forefoot(More)
Oxygen saturation was measured in 37 patients with sleep-related breathing disorders over 2 nights: after alcohol intake and under control conditions. Both the number of 3% oxygen desaturation per hour (ODI3) and the lowest saturation (LSAT) were significantly aggravated after alcohol ingestion. Oxygen saturation was degraded in 28 cases after alcohol(More)
Cisplatin (CDDP) was microcapsulated with ethylcellulose. Sustained release of CDDP from the microcapsule, particularly non-protein-bound CDDP, which should have antitumour activity, was demonstrated by an in vitro test. Using a bioassay, it was proven that the biological activity of CDDP was not affected by the microencapsulation process. When CDDP-mc were(More)
Gait analysis was performed in patients with vestibular system disorders, using foot switches and electromyography. They were divided into three groups: 11 cases with vestibular neuronitis (VN), 10 cases with large acoustic neuroma (LAN) who had central lesion evidenced by neurotological examinations, and 10 cases with olivopontocerebellar atrophy (OPCA). A(More)
Gait analysis utilizing foot switches and electromyography of antigravity muscles was performed on 31 patients with vertigo. Twenty-one cases had peripheral vestibular lesions (such as vestibular neuronitis, Menière's disease, traumatic labyrinthitis, small acoustic neuroma), and 10 cases had central lesions (such as spinocerebellar degeneration, pontine(More)
Lymphedema is a potentially debilitating condition that occurs among breast cancer survivors. This study examines the incidence of self-reported lymphedema, timing of lymphedema onset, and associations between sociodemographic, clinical and lifestyle factors and lymphedema risk across racial-ethnic groups using data from a multicenter, multiethnic(More)
Evidence has accumulated showing that recreational physical activity reduces breast cancer risk. However, it is unclear whether risk reduction pertains to specific receptor-defined subtypes. Moreover, few studies have examined whether changes in the amount of recreational physical activity during adulthood influence breast cancer risk. A total of 108,907(More)