Kayo Taniguchi

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Impaired natural killer (NK) activity in women with endometriosis is thought to promote implantation and progression of endometrial tissue, in accord with Sampson's hypothesis. However, the mechanisms responsible for decreased NK cell activity and the antigens recognized by NK cells are not clear.We focused on human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-G, a ligand of NK(More)
Chondroitin sulfate E repeating octasaccharide was effectively synthesized in a stereocontrolled manner by adopting an acetamide-type disaccharide unit. In the tetrasaccharide synthesis we isolated a characteristic glycosyl imidate as a reactive intermediate. An acetamide auxiliary involves the glycosylation mechanism.
One difficulty involved in gene therapy for diabetes is a control of proinsulin production by the cells transfected with insulin cDNA. The introduction of a feedback mechanism to control the expression of the introduced gene based on the host's need for insulin is one possible treatment approach. To control proinsulin production at a transcriptional level,(More)
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