Kayo Takechi

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Endoscopic gastric mucosal resection (EGMR) is increasingly employed in early gastric cancer to remove the tumour with the surrounding mucosa and part of the submucosa after submucosal saline injection and staining to define the extent of the lesion. This study presents preliminary experience with a modified EGMR technique in five patients which allows more(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the breast cancer diagnostic capability of "dual-side readout" computed radiography-based mammography (DRCRM) with a 50-microm pixel size compared to that of conventional film-screen mammography (FSM). MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty patients who were scheduled for surgical treatment for breast(More)
We experienced two cases of superficial type esophageal cancer. Case 1 was a 72-year-old man in whom endoscopic examination revealed a slightly protruded, partially reddened and faded area of irregular shape corresponding to 0-IIa + IIc (slightly depressed type) of the endoscopic classification of esophageal cancers. Macroscopically, it was a superficial,(More)
In a patient with mucinous adenocarcinoma of the stomach and metastatic lesions in the lung and lymph nodes , X-ray films demonstrated multiple punctuate calcifications. We collected reported cases of gastric cancers with radiographically visualized calcium deposits and discussed their characteristics.
BACKGROUND Association of keratitis, ichthyosis, and deafness is known as KID syndrome. Only four cases have been reported in Japan by dermatologists. CASE A male infant manifested absence of hair and generalized keratosis of the skin since birth. He had been diagnosed as having chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis (CMCC). FINDINGS The patient manifested(More)
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