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A carbapenem-resistant strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, NCGM1984, was isolated in 2012 from a hospitalized patient in Japan. Immunochromatographic assay showed that the isolate was positive for IMP-type metallo-β-lactamase. Complete genome sequencing revealed that NCGM1984 harbored two copies of blaIMP-34, located at different sites on the chromosome. Each(More)
BACKGROUND Drug-resistant Providencia rettgeri producing metallo-β-lactamase and 16S rRNA methylase has been reported in several countries. We analyzed P. rettgeri clinical isolates with resistance to carbapenems and aminoglycosides in a hospital in Nepal. METHODS Five clinical isolates of multidrug-resistant P. rettgeri were obtained in a hospital in(More)
BACKGROUND Acinetobacter baumannii strains co-producing carbapenemase and 16S rRNA methylase are highly resistant to carbapenems and aminoglycosides. METHODS Ninety-three isolates of multidrug-resistant A. baumannii were obtained from an intensive care unit in a hospital in Vietnam. Antimicrobial susceptibility tests and whole genome sequencing were(More)
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