Kayo Sakamoto

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We investigated whether visceral adipose tissue (VAT) measured by computed tomography (CT) is a risk factor for colorectal adenoma. For a total of 1,328 patients (857 without adenoma, 471 with colorectal adenoma) undergoing colonoscopy and CT, associations between colorectal adenoma and body mass index (BMI), VAT area and subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT)(More)
The purpose of this research was to construct a computational model of the metaphor generation process. In order to construct the model, first, the probabilistic relationship between concepts and words was computed with a statistical analysis of language data. Secondly, a computational model of the metaphor generation process was constructed with results of(More)
GOALS To investigate whether visceral obesity measured by computed tomography (CT) is a risk factor for colonic diverticulosis. BACKGROUND The association between colonoscopy-proven diverticulosis and visceral obesity has not been studied. STUDY A cohort of 1445 participants (1117 nondiverticulosis and 328 diverticulosis) undergoing colonoscopy and CT(More)
Mechanisms that underlie the inductive reasoning process in risk contexts are investigated. Experimental results indicate that people rate the same inductive reasoning argument differently according to the direction of risk aversion. In seeking to provide the most valid explanation of this, two kinds of models based on a Support Vector Machine (SVM) that(More)
Various learning theories stress the importance of negative learning (e.g., Bruner, 1959; Hanson, 1956). However, the effects of negative premises have rarely been discussed in any detail within theories of inductive reasoning (with the exception of Osherson et al., 1990). Although Sakamoto et al. (2005) have proposed some computational models that can cope(More)
The purpose of the present study is to propose computational models of human inductive reasoning, using a statistical analysis of Japanese linguistic data, and to develop a searchengine based on inductive reasoning. Osherson, et al. (1990) provided a psychological model of inductive reasoning based on the similarity between the premise and the conclusion(More)
BACKGROUND Several factors affect the risk for longer cecal insertion time. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to identify the predictors of longer insertion time and to evaluate the effect of visceral fat measured by CT. DESIGN This is a retrospective observational study. PATIENTS Outpatients for colorectal cancer screening who underwent(More)
Factors other than antithrombotic drugs associated with diverticular bleeding remain unknown. Visceral adiposity contributes to atherosclerosis and may affect arteriolar change at the diverticulum. We investigated whether visceral adipose tissue (VAT) measured by computed tomography (CT) is a risk factor for diverticular bleeding. A cohort of 283 patients(More)