Kayloni Olson

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Differential, structural, and absolute stability of babyfaceness and attractiveness at 5 ages were investigated. Attractiveness had differential stability across the life span. Babyfaceness had differential stability from childhood through the 30s for males and through adolescence for females. Consistent with sexual dimorphisms in facial maturation, males(More)
Burnout has high costs for pediatricians and their patients. There is increasing interest in educational interventions to promote resilience and minimize burnout among pediatric trainees. This study tested a conceptual model of factors that might promote resilience and protect against burnout, and which could serve as targets for addressing burnout in(More)
OBJECTIVE Mindfulness training has been incorporated increasingly into weight loss programs to facilitate dietary and physical activity changes. This systematic review of studies using mindfulness-based programs for weight loss evaluated study methodologies with the goal of determining the current evidence in support of mindfulness interventions for weight(More)
Background/Objectives:Prior research indicates that features of the home environment (for example, televisions, exercise equipment) may be associated with obesity, but no prior study has examined objective features of the home food environment (for example, location of food) in combination with behavioral (for example, food purchasing), psychological (for(More)
Prior studies have documented an association of obesity with chronic pain, but the mechanism explaining the association remains unknown. This study evaluated the degree to which dietary intake of foods with anti-inflammatory effects mediates the relationship of body fat to body pain. Ninety-eight community-residing healthy adults (60% women; mean age = 43.2(More)
Repressive coping has been associated with elevated risk of disease and negative health outcomes in past studies. Although a prior study of healthy men found that repression was associated with lower body mass index (BMI), no study has examined repressive coping among obese individuals. This study examined the relationship of repressive coping with BMI and(More)
Because a cure and a vaccine for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are not expected for at least several years, prevention of AIDS is the only means of reducing the spread of the disease. While education, information, and persuasion may be changing the HIV-related attitudes and even behaviors of some individuals, without a theoretical framework, the(More)
We explored the relationships between potentially modifiable factors (mindfulness and self-compassion), intermediate factors (resilience and stress), and outcomes of interest in a cross-sectional study of medical trainees (compassionate care and clinician well-being). Among the 12 participants, the average age was 27.6 years. Mindfulness and self-compassion(More)
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