Kaylen P Wood

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The aim of this project was to reconstruct human skin from glycerol-preserved dermis and layers of cultured keratinocytes for use in the treatment of deep burns and ulcers. Glycerol-preserved cadaver skin from the Euro Skin Bank was treated with Dispase II or PBS, under various conditions, to find the best method of retaining the physical structure of the(More)
Modeling activity-based anorexia, food-deprived rats consistently show that activity increases as weight decreases. This effect was explored in 8 food-deprived, Sprague-Dawley rats as potentially mediated by intrinsic value of activity. Running-wheel activity rates were recorded for free-fed weight, reduction to 90% of free-fed weight, and to 80% of(More)
A 48 year old man presented with invasive adenocarcinoma in the wall of a non-healing anal fistula. The subsequent abdomino-perineal resection specimen showed residual invasive carcinoma coexisting with in situ carcinoma of anal glands as well as in situ squamous carcinoma of the anal canal. The epithelium of the anal canal had koilocytotic features. DNA(More)
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