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All methods of diet analysis in marine mammals, including hard part analysis (HPA), have biases affecting the accuracy of prey-species identification and frequency in the estimated diet due to differential consumption, digestion and retention. Using PCR amplification of specific prey DNA with species-specific primers, we developed a DNA-based method that(More)
This study examined the validity of the Actical accelerometer step count and energy expenditure (EE) functions in healthy young adults. Forty-three participants participated in study 1. Actical step counts were compared to actual steps taken during a 200 m walk around an indoor track at self-selected pace and during treadmill walking at different speeds(More)
PURPOSE To compare the spatial correlation of ventilation surrogates computed from inspiratory and expiratory breath-hold CT with hyperpolarized Helium-3 & Xenon-129 MRI in a cohort of lung cancer patients. METHODS 5 patients underwent expiration & inspiration breath-hold CT. Xenon-129 & 1 H MRI were also acquired at the same inflation state as(More)
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