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The ultimate aim of the EU-funded ImmunoGrid project is to develop a natural-scale model of the human immune system-that is, one that reflects both the diversity and the relative proportions of the molecules and cells that comprise it-together with the grid infrastructure necessary to apply this model to specific applications in the field of immunology.(More)
Present techniques for predicting eruption or impaction of lower third molars are based on measurements of the space between the second molar and the ramus. This study was designed to investigate the reliability and validity of radiographic techniques often used for assessing this space. Rotational tomograms (O.P.G.s) yielded the best estimates of the Space(More)
Vaccine research is a combinatorial science requiring computational analysis of vaccine components, formulations and optimization. We have developed a framework that combines computational tools for the study of immune function and vaccine development. This framework, named ImmunoGrid combines conceptual models of the immune system, models of antigen(More)
Common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L) contain a number of antinutritional factors such as condensed tannins. Reducing tannin concentration might contribute to improving the nutritional quality of common bean. But polyphenolics are involved in resistance to diseases and pests, and reducing tannin concentration may have a negative effect on plant resistance.(More)
Progress in bean breeding programs requires the exploitation of genetic variation that is present among races or through introgression across gene pools of Phaseolus vulgaris L. Of the two major common bean gene pools, the Andean gene pool seems to have a narrow genetic base, with about 10% of the accessions in the CIAT core collection presenting evidence(More)
The Dental Aesthetic (DAI) was devised as a measure of dental appearance and based on lay opinions as opposed to professional assessments of need. The DAI is calculated from the weighted scores of ten occlusal variables. These same variables have been used in other malocclusion indices intended to measure morphological deviations from normality. It is,(More)
Orthodontic treatment may severely alter tooth contacts during early treatment, but after its completion the number of contracts increases with settling of the occlusion. Long-term changes are sparsely documented and this investigation examined changes by comparing adequate control groups before treatment, during treatment, and several years after(More)
An investigation was conducted to evaluate the impact of experimental designs and spatial analyses (single-trial models) of the response to selection for grain yield in the northern grains region of Australia (Queensland and northern New South Wales). Two sets of multi-environment experiments were considered. One set, based on 33 trials conducted from 1994(More)
Clinical success of fixed prosthodontic procedures is dependent in part upon the dimensional accuracy of elastomeric impression materials and impression procedures. Three elastomeric impression materials were used in custom and stock trays to determine the accuracy of impressions taken from an experimental stainless steel model representing premolar and(More)