Kaye E. Basford

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Vaccine research is a combinatorial science requiring computational analysis of vaccine components, formulations and optimization. We have developed a framework that combines computational tools for the study of immune function and vaccine development. This framework, named ImmunoGrid combines conceptual models of the immune system, models of antigen(More)
We consider the classification of microarray gene-expression data. First, attention is given to the supervised case, where the tissue samples are classified with respect to a number of predefined classes and the intent is to assign a new unclassified tissue to one of these classes. The problems of forming a classifier and estimating its error rate are(More)
It is a common occurrence in plant breeding programs to observe missing values in three-way three-mode multi-environment trial (MET) data. We proposed modifications of models for estimating missing observations for these data arrays, and developed a novel approach in terms of hierarchical clustering. Multiple imputation (MI) was used in four ways, multiple(More)
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