Kay de Vries

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Being able to communicate with older people with dementia requires a high level of competence in assessment of specific and individual communication challenges and needs of the person. One of the most effective means of assessment and skills development is the use of reminiscence interventions, memory books or life-story work. There is considerable evidence(More)
Therapeutic cannabis use raises a number of dilemmas for nurses. This article examines the legal, political and ethical challenges raised by the use of cannabis by people with life-limiting or terminal illnesses in their own homes. (Throughout this paper, the term cannabis refers to illegal cannabis unless specified.) A literature review of databases from(More)
This paper draws on data from a larger study conducted in care home facilities in: Seattle, USA; West Sussex and Surrey in the UK; and in the lower North Island in New Zealand. Two extracts from interactions between the researchers and an older person during the administration of The Philadelphia Geriatric Morale Scale in a care home facility in New Zealand(More)
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