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One important aspect of ubiquitous environments is to provide users with the possibility to freely move about and continue to interact with the available applications through a variety of interactive devices such as cell phones, PDAs, desktop computers, intelligent watches or digital television sets. Migratory applications are able to follow the user by(More)
Rich Internet Applications provide, in conjunction with Internet push technologies, a powerful framework to bring use cases formerly reserved to server applications to the client, and to ease their use. In this paper we present a novel approach of monitoring and processing event streams directly in the browser. Our proposed general-purpose framework aims at(More)
Despite the huge popularity of event processing nowadays, there is a big gap between the potential usefulness of event-driven processing and the current state of the practice. One of the main reasons is the lack of a comprehensive conceptual model for the event-triggered reactivity and the corresponding framework for its management. In this paper we survey(More)
Today's knowledge workers are confronted with an ever increasing information overload while searching for needed information in the web. Common search engines do not take into account the current work context of the user. But we consider context information as an effective means to implicitly narrow the information space of the web. In this paper we present(More)
In this paper we present a method and an implementation for creating and processing semantic events from interaction with Web pages which opens possibilities to build event-driven applications for the (Semantic) Web. Events, simple or complex, are models for things that happen e.g., when a user interacts with a Web page. Events are consumed in some(More)
Due to the heterogeneous structure of the public sector the achievement of interoperability is a key challenge for comprehensive electronic Government. Service oriented architectures lay the foundation for flexible application integration and process-orientation through Web service composition. Semantically enriched Web services promise to increase the(More)
Event-driven processing becomes ever important for applications such as reactive context-aware mobility applications, attention-handling and pervasive collaboration systems etc. However today's reac-tive systems define complex events with rather precise specifications. In some applications, such as fraud or failure detection, identification of similar event(More)