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BACKGROUND This paper presents research that was framed by our early understandings about the ways that people incorporate the consequences of illness into their lives. The word 'transition' has been used to describe this process. We believed self-management to be central to the transition process but this assertion required further research, hence this(More)
Background: Multimorbidity, the simultaneous occurrence of two or more chronic conditions, is usually associated with older persons. This research assessed multimorbidity across a range of ages so that planners are informed and appropriate prevention programs, management strategies and health service/health care planning can be implemented. Methods:(More)
The North West Adelaide Health Study is a population-based biomedical cohort study investigating the prevalence of a number of chronic conditions and health-related risk factors along a continuum. This methodology may assist with evidence-based decisions for health policy makers and planners, and inform health professionals who are involved in chronic(More)
In westernized countries, chronic diseases have overtaken infectious diseases in terms of prevalence, and now account for 60% of global deaths and almost half of the global burden of disease. The four chronic conditions that comprise the majority of this burden of disease are cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lung disease and diabetes, and they share(More)
We aimed to describe the uptake of the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) item numbers listed on the Medicare Benefits Schedule for health assessment (HA), care plan (CP) and case conference (CC) between November 1999 (when these items first became available) and October 2001. We used data provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. General(More)
Children with physical impairments who cannot use intelligible speech are often recommended augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. In England and Wales, it is usually the job of speech and language therapists to support development in AAC skills. This paper reports findings from discussion with children and young people who use AAC(More)
The aim of this study was to conduct a preliminary analysis of relations between child and environmental variables, including factors related to communication aid provision, and participation in informal everyday activities in a sample of children with complex communication needs. Ninety-seven caregivers of children provided with communication aids(More)
Australian consumers have articulated their perceptions of the role of the nurse in general practice. Practice Nurses (PNs) and General Practitioners (GPs) have also highlighted the issues they believe currently and potentially impact on this role in Australia. This paper identifies and discusses the nexus between the consumers' perceptions and expectations(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify the incidence of self-reported harmful adverse events in the health care of community-dwelling adults, and to examine attitudes about safety in the health system. DESIGN Cross-sectional, population-based survey. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING Analysis of data from 3522 adults participating in Stage 2 of the North West Adelaide Health(More)
We aimed to report on variation in levels of uptake of enhanced primary care item numbers between rural and urban Divisions of General Practice between November 1999 and October 2001. Most providers of EPC services and most services (close to 70%) are located in capital cities and other metropolitan centres. The average number of health assessments done per(More)