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Displaying medical images and waveforms which are stored in the DICOM file format is no longer a task that can be performed on desktop pc's only. This article describes a feasibility study where we have developed a set of applications for viewing and even analysing DICOM image and waveform objects on mobile devices such as mobile phones or PDAs. In order to(More)
Interactive 3D Visualization technique represents an important diagnosis and therapy planning tool. It cannot be compensated with simple 2D Pictures or static 3D Views. Multimedia teaching tools which contain textual information, noninteractive videos and restricted pseudo three-dimensional scenarios can considerably contribute to the understanding of(More)
Using stereo-3D hardware in its different solutions is not new, but most available applications use these Hardware only for a better visualization of 3d-reconstructions. It is an optional feature. In our research we principally use stereoscopic Hardware, because of the different manipulation-methods-especially in virtual medical simulators. The methods of(More)
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