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This study examined the familial aggregation of spelling disability in a sample of 32 German school-aged children and their relatives. The influence of two different diagnostic criteria (low-achievement criterion, and regression-based IQ-discrepancy criterion) on the rate of affectedness was investigated. Results revealed that 52.3-61.9% of the sibs and(More)
Potentially inappropriate medication (PIM) is suggested to give rise to adverse drug events. To study this suggestion for elderly psychiatric patients, an observational analysis related prescription of PRISCUS PIMs and drug-induced side effects in old aged (≥65 years) psychiatric inpatients and outpatients under conditions of everyday pharmacotherapy.(More)
Fabry disease (FD) is a lysosomal storage disorder that is associated with marked cerebrovascular disease. Conventional MRI shows a progressive load of white matter lesions (WMLs) due to cerebral vasculopathy in the course of FD. To quantify brain structural changes in clinically affected male and female patients with FD we performed a prospective(More)
BACKGROUND Assessment of depression in schizophrenia is of great importance as depressive signs and symptoms and suicidality are highly prevalent in patients with schizophrenic disorders. The Calgary Depression Rating Scale (CDSS) is the standard assessment instrument for that purpose due to its proven reliability and validity. However, so far no reference(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the psychometric properties of the Calgary Depression Rating Scale (CDRS) and the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) for severity assessment of depression in acute schizophrenia. METHOD During clinical routine treatment, we investigated 119 inpatients with acute schizophrenia, using the CDRS, the HDRS, and a global 4-point(More)
The isolated traumatic dislocation of the triquetrum is an extremely rare injury. The clinical signs are unspecific. Roentgenograms of the wrist in posteroanterior and lateral views, possibly complemented by oblique views, will help to provide the diagnosis. The best therapy appears to be the open reduction and fixation with Kirschner wires. With the(More)
Among the more common current indications for electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is treatment-resistant depression. Treatment resistance is correlated with a number of factors, including the presence of comorbid personality disorders, such as borderline personality disorder (BPD). A detailed review of the literature was undertaken and very few reports or(More)
Early onset psychoses (EOP, age of onset between age 14 and 18 years) are known to be associated with a poorer outcome than adult onset psychoses, both in terms of psychotic symptoms and social remission. For adult patients with psychosis, numerous cognitive-behavioral interventions have proven their effectiveness in recent years. This contrasts with a(More)