Kay M Larholt

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Evidence-based health care decision making requires comparison of all relevant competing interventions. In the absence of randomized controlled trials involving a direct comparison of all treatments of interest, indirect treatment comparisons and network meta-analysis provide useful evidence for judiciously selecting the best treatment(s). Mixed treatment(More)
The two sample analysis of covariance model is considered where the regression lines are found not to be parallel. There are two analyses often utilized in this case. One is to obtain a standard confidence interval for the covariate value where the two lines intersect, and the other is to find a simultaneous confidence region for the difference between the(More)
Preoperative hemoglobin concentration may be an important predictor of transfusion risk in surgical procedures with significant expected blood loss. Contemporary studies investigating transfusion risk with regard to the relationship between perioperative administration of Epoetin alfa and baseline hemoglobin provide data to test this hypothesis. The(More)
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