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The cause of alcoholic myocardiopathy is unknown. The effects of acute exposure to ethanol or its metabolite acetaldehyde on protein synthesis in working, intact, guinea pig hearts in vitro were studied utilizing lysine-(14)C perfusion. Ethanol at 250 mg/100 ml, a level sufficient to markedly inhibit hepatic production of albumin, did not alter cardiac(More)
The effects of the administration of 0.5 or 1 mg/kg of 1-thyroxine for 3 or 16 days were studied in 55 New Zealand white rabbits. Heart size was 29% above control after 16 days of 1-thyroxine, despite lower body weights. In an anesthetized open-chest animal, regional microspectro-photometric observations of small arteries and veins to determine oxygen(More)
The effects of a moderate sized arterio-venous shunt on the relationship of oxygen supply to consumption were studied on a regional basis in the dog left ventricle. Experiments were conducted on fourteen hearts, seven in control pentobarbital-anaesthetised, open-chest dogs and seven in dogs with an additional abdominal aorto-caval shunt. Regional oxygen(More)
The active state describes the force developed in a muscle when the contractile elements are neither lengthening nor shortening. Recently it was suggested that perturbations used to measure the active state also alter the time-course of the active state. The present research was undertaken to assess quantitatively the effect of two such perturbations,(More)
The aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases of the postribosomal supernatant fraction of rat skeletal muscle were characterized by their activity and sedimentation properties. The synthetases of muscle were compared with those of liver in terms of these parameters. Extraction of the synthetases of muscle with a buffer containing 4 mM adenosine triphosphate (ATP)(More)
The effect of mild hemodilution (hematocrit, 19%) on ischemic and nonischemic regions of myocardium during acute coronary occlusion was studied in 41 pentobarbital-anesthetized, open-chest New Zealand white rabbits. Blood flow in the control area determined with radioactive microspheres was unaffected by occlusion and increased 61.8% following hemodilution.(More)
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