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A listener's sensitivity to the interaural correlation (IAC) of sound plays an important role in several phenomena in binaural hearing. Although IAC has been examined humans, little is known about the neural basis of sensitivity to IAC in humans. The present study employed functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure blood oxygen level-dependent (BOLD)(More)
Blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) signal changes occurring during execution of a simple motor task were measured at field strengths of 1.5, 3 and 7 T using multi-slice, single-shot, gradient echo EPI at a resolution of 1x1x3 mm(3), to quantify the benefits offered by ultra-high magnetic field for functional MRI. Using four different echo times at(More)
The rewarding attributes of foods containing fat are associated with the increase in fat consumption, but little is known of how the complex physical and chemical properties of orally ingested fats are represented and decoded in the brain nor how this impacts feeding behavior within the population. Here, functional MRI (fMRI) is used to assess the brain(More)
Chess experts store domain-specific representations in their long-term memory; due to the activation of such representations, they perform with high accuracy in tasks that require the maintenance of previously seen information. Chunk-based theories of expertise (chunking theory: Chase & Simon, 1973; template theory: Gobet & Simon, 1996) state that expertise(More)
Previous neuroimaging studies of the cortical representation of gustatory and olfactory stimuli have often delivered tastants to the mouth in very small quantities or stimulated olfaction orthonasally. In studies of retro-nasal olfaction, swallowing was generally delayed to reduce head motion artefacts. The present fMRI study aims to improve upon such(More)
BACKGROUND We report functional and structural brain indicators that may precede the onset of dementia in individuals with Down's syndrome (DS). METHODS Middle-aged adults with DS (n=19), a group known to be at high risk for dementia, were studied with (1) positron emission tomography (PET) to determine cerebral glucose metabolic rate (GMR), (2)(More)
In brain-imaging and behavioral research, studies of autobiographical memory have higher ecological validity than controlled laboratory memory studies. However, they also have less controllability over the variables investigated. This article presents a novel technique - the expert archival paradigm - that increases controllability while maintaining(More)
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