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The Coherent X-ray Imaging (CXI) instrument specializes in hard X-ray, in-vacuum, high power density experiments in all areas of science. Two main sample chambers, one containing a 100 nm focus and one a 1 µm focus, are available, each with multiple diagnostics, sample injection, pump-probe and detector capabilities. The flexibility of CXI has enabled it to(More)
A novel and flexible approach is described for simulating the behaviour of chemicals in river basins. A number (n) of river reaches are defined and their connectivity is described by entries in an n x n matrix. Changes in segmentation can be readily accommodated by altering the matrix entries, without the need for model revision. Two models are described.(More)
It is useful to have available a variety of catchment-scale water quality models that range in complexity, spatial resolution and data requirements. In a previous paper [Warren, C., Mackay, D., Whelan, M., Fox, K., 2005. Mass balance modelling of contaminants in river basins: a flexible matrix approach. Chemosphere 61, 1458-1467] a series of simple to(More)
Modifications of a commercial 2,450-megahertz microwave oven were made so that 6 ml of microbial suspension could be exposed to the microwave field for various periods of time. The microorganisms were contained in the central tube of a modified Liebig condenser positioned in the approximate geometric center of the oven cavity. Kerosene at -25 C was(More)
Spores of Bacillus subtilis were dried in vacuo for use in dry-heat thermal destruction tests. Survivor curve tests were conducted in a specifically designed dry-heat oven. This oven provided accurate temperature control and permitted air or nitrogen to be passed over the spores during the lethal treatment. Experiments were carried out at various flow rates(More)
Kenneth Fox Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 37916. Received 3 January 1975. Reinhard Beer's statement concerning new gases detected in the atmosphere of Jupiter is not quite complete. In the spirit of the isotopic variants CH3D and HD, it should be mentioned that an identification of CH4 was also reported(More)
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