Kay F Kelley

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A case control design has been used to investigate risk factors associated with the development of cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions (SIL) in a population of urban women in which non-affluent minority groups were heavily represented. Eighty-five women with histologically confirmed SIL were compared to a control group of 70 cytologically normal(More)
We investigated the relationship of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection of the female genital tract, cervical cytology, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in 67 women. Forty-eight women had a history of intravenous drug use, 18 were heterosexual partners of HIV-infected intravenous drug users, and one was a transfusion recipient. Patients(More)
We investigated the relationship of human papillomavirus (by cervicovaginal lavage and Southern blot), human immunodeficiency virus, and squamous intraepithelial lesions in 96 high-risk women in the Bronx, New York. Antibodies for human immunodeficiency virus were detected in 51 (53%) women. Of the 33 women with symptomatic human immunodeficiency virus(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if modafinil can improve fatigue in patients with post-polio syndrome. METHODS We used a randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial. Intervention with modafinil (400 mg/day) and placebo occurred over 6-week periods. Primary endpoint (fatigue) was assessed using the Fatigue Severity Scale as the main outcome measure. Other(More)
Rising trends in gonorrhoea and urethritis infection rates are being reported from most African countries. We investigated infection trends in Burkina Faso from 1978 to 1983, using data provided by the Ministry of Health. The data included monthly distribution of cases to permit analysis of seasonal variations, average number of reported cases per four-week(More)
From July 1983 to June 1984, 2521 adolescents were medically screened at entry into a detention facility in New York City. A medical history, physical examination, serology for syphilis, and culture for gonorrhea were obtained from each entrant. A retrospective chart review was conducted for 136 persons with gonorrhea and/or syphilis (79 boys and 57 girls)(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the applicability and validity of traditional fatigue questionnaires in postpoliomyelitis syndrome (PPS) patients with disabling fatigue. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. PPS and disabling fatigue were ascertained according to published criteria. Descriptiveness was determined using the McNemar test, and interscale z-score agreement was(More)
OBJECTIVE To enhance nurse clinicians' knowledge of genital human papillomavirus infection in women. DATA SOURCES Several literature searches using the following terms, dating back to 1986: human papillomavirus (HPV), females, human, cervical neoplasia, risk factors, condylomata acuminata, detection, epidemiology, pathology, psychology, Papanicolaou test,(More)
Prevalence of syphilis, gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis among 127 prostitutes in Ougadougou, Burkina Faso, was investigated. 22% were positive of syphilis, 20% for intracellular gram negative diplococci, and 17% for Trichomonas vaginalis infection. Demographic data revealed that the prostitutes were a young group, with 69% between 15 and 25 years old. 14% of(More)