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beta-Defensin genes code for multifunctional peptides with a broad-range antimicrobial activity. In this project we hypothesized that beta-defensin genes may be candidate genes for resistance to mastitis. In this article we describe the identification and genomic characterization of eight bovine beta-defensin genes, including six novel defensin genes and(More)
We have expressed an A-type lamin (Xenopus lamin A), a probable A-type lamin (Drosophila lamin C), two B-type lamins (Xenopus lamin LI, Drosophila lamin Dmo), and two mutants of Xenopus lamin A in Sf9 cells. All proteins were synthesized at high levels resulting in formation of paracrystals with an axial repeat of 18.5-20.0 nm by A-type lamins; in contrast(More)
Whereas endothelial responses to shear stress have been studied extensively, the responses to circumferential vascular stretch are yet poorly defined. Circumferential stretch in pulmonary microvessels is largely determined by the transmural pressure gradient, hence by both vascular perfusion and alveolar ventilation pressures. Here, we have studied the(More)
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