Kay Exner

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Whereas endothelial responses to shear stress have been studied extensively, the responses to circumferential vascular stretch are yet poorly defined. Circumferential stretch in pulmonary microvessels is largely determined by the transmural pressure gradient, hence by both vascular perfusion and alveolar ventilation pressures. Here, we have studied the(More)
The goals in surgical treatment of unilateral long-standing facial paralysis are individual concepts restoring mimetic function, aesthetic facial symmetry at rest and protection of the eye by complete eyelid closure. Facial reanimation with free neuromuscular flaps is the actual standard treatment. The reanimation of the paralysed eyelid is still a major(More)
The viability of molecules with planar hexacoordinate carbon atoms is demonstrated by density-functional theory (DFT) calculations for CB6(2-), a CB6H2 isomer, and three C3B4 minima. All of these species have six pi electrons and are aromatic. Although other C3B4 isomers are lower in energy, the activation barriers for the rearrangements of the three planar(More)
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