Kay E. Vandergrift

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FEMINIST the work of Peggy McIntosh, is used THEORY, PARTICULARLY to examine the development of multicultural literature for children and youth in the middle years of the twentieth century. The work of four white women writers-Florence Crannell Means, Ann Nolan Clark, Marguerite de Angeli, and Lois Lenski-is used as an example of the fiction created by(More)
Young adults delight in pushing language to its outer limits. They invent words and phrases, play with pronunciation and enunciation, and deliberately misuse language to make it more useful for their own purposes. Often this is to declare their own individual identities or to signify a community separate from the dominant adult establishment. Each(More)
THISARTICLE USES A FEMINIST STANDPOINT to examine the beginnings of library service to children in this country and the women instrumental in designing that service. It also examines the complex institutional and interpersonal relationships among these female librarians and the women who founded children's publishing. Together these two groups of women, as(More)
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