Kay Crowley

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There exists substantial data level parallelism in scientific problems. The PARTY runtime system is an attempt to obtain efficient parallel implementations for scientific computations, particularly those where the data dependencies are manifest only at runtime. This can preclude compiler based detection of certain types of parallelism. The automated system(More)
The association between ribosomes and the pore proteins at the endoplasmic reticulum membrane is important to co-translational translocation. To determine if a similar association occurs between the ribosome and mitochondrial membrane protein(s) during protein import in higher eukaryotes, we examined ribosome-mitochondria binding. By using spectral(More)
High performance multiprocessor architectures differ both in the number of processors, and in the delay costs for synchronization and communication. In order to obtain good performance on a given architecture for a given problem, adequate parallelization, good balance of load and an appropriate choice of granularity are essential. We discuss the(More)
Regular meshes are frequently used for modeling physical phenomena on both serial and parallel computers. One advantage of regular meshes is that efficient discretization schemes can be implemented in a straightforward manner. However, geometrically-complex objects, such as aircraft, cannot be easily described using a single regular mesh. Multiple(More)
Transient blockage of transcription in chick liver by alpha-amanitin results in a temporary clearing of nucleoplasmic regions in affected nuclei and concurrent exposure in situ of a discrete interchromatin framework. This is accompanied by sharp decreases in total nuclear RNA (approximately 28%) and nonhistone protein content (approximately 18%).(More)
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