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Administration of L-dopa or apomorphine to neonatal and adult 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA)-treated rats resulted in different behavioral responses depending on the age at which dopaminergic fibers were destroyed. When neonatal 6-OHDA-treated rats were tested as adults, they exhibited marked stereotypies, self-biting and self-mutilation behavior (SMB) when(More)
AIMS Optimal urethrovesical positioning (UVP) may be important for continence. Pelvic floor muscle contraction (PFMC) influences UVP. PFMC instruction cues vary and often encourage anterior PFM recruitment that may result in sub-maximal posterior facilitation. STUDY HYPOTHESIS posterior or combined cues are more influential in optimizing UVP during PFMC(More)
In rats, bilateral injection of muscimol (30-60 ng/site) into the medial substantia nigra zona reticulata exerted an antinociceptive effect in the hotplate and tail-flick tests. Injections of muscimol into the substantia nigra also induced intense stereotyped behavior and self-injurious behavior (SIB). Tail-flick and hindpaw-lick responses were inhibited(More)
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