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FOREWORD One goal of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is to develop, in partnership with State and local governments, a national emergency management system that is comprehensive, risk-based, and all-hazard in approach. Crucial to this system are emergency operations plans (EOP), which describe who will do what, as well as when, with what(More)
It has been postulated that motion stimulation accelerates postnatal development. To test this hypothesis, 26 premature infants participated in a randomized controlled study of the effects of rocking on body weight gain and measures of neuromuscular development. Treatment infants were exposed to 15-min sessions of sinusoidal oscillation about the(More)
A group of quantum dots (QDs) can be designed to have a unique spectral emission by varying the size of the QDs (wavelength) and number of QDs (intensity). This technique has been previously proposed for fluorescent tags and object identification. The potential of this system lies in the ability to have a large number of distinguishable wavelengths and(More)
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