Kawthar Amrani

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BACKGROUND Behçet's disease is recognized as a multisystem disorder that affects mainly young adults in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern countries. The diagnosis is very difficult because there is no laboratory test. Clinical features - such as orogenital aphtae, ocular and skin lesions, arthritis, and neurologic, gastrointestinal, vascular,(More)
Neurologic signs and symptoms may represent the initial presentation of AIDS in 10-30% of patients. Movement disorders may be the result of direct central nervous system infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or the result of opportunistic infections. We report the case of a 59 years old woman who had hemichorea-hemiballismus subsequently found to(More)
Joint manifestations in scleroderma (Scl) and polymyositis (PM) are dominated by inflammatory arthralgia. Arthritis is less common and preferentially affects the hands, wrists, knees, and ankles. Involvement of the hip has been rarely reported in the literature. We report a case of coxitis diagnosed in a patient suffering from scleroderma-polymyositis(More)
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