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OBJECTIVE The epidemiologic data of catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSI) is different in each type of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The objectives were to identify microbiological patterns, risk factors and mortality analysis in the surgical intensive care unit (SICU). MATERIAL AND METHOD All CRBSI cases were reviewed in a 60-months period from(More)
BACKGROUND Atypical antipsychotic drugs may have low propensity to induce extrapyramidal side effects in delirious patients. This study aimed to compare the efficacy and tolerability between quetiapine and haloperidol in controlling delirious behavior. METHODS A 7-day prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled trial was conducted from June 2009 to(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the tolerability and cardiac safety of docetaxel, cyclophosphamide, and trastuzumab (TCyH) for the treatment of early-stage human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-positive breast cancer and compared to the standard trastuzumab-based chemotherapy regimens doxorubicin with cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxel and trastuzumab(More)
BACKGROUND Many medical procedures routinely use body weight as a parameter for calculation. However, these measurements are not always available. In addition, the commonly used visual estimation has had high error rates. Therefore, the aim of this study was to develop a predictive equation for body weight using body circumferences. METHODS A prospective(More)
OBJECTIVE There was a lack of available data regarding intensive care unit (ICU) characteristics, human resources, workload, and ICU outcomes in Thai ICUs. Therefore, the objectives of the present study were to describe these parameters and to demonstrate the association of these predictors to ICU outcome indicators including crude mortality, ventilator(More)
BACKGROUND The measurements of body mass index (BMI) and percentage of body fat are used in many clinical situations. However, special tools are required to measure body fat. Many formulas are proposed for estimation but these use constant coefficients of age. Age spectrum might affect the predicted value of the body composition due to body component(More)
BACKGROUND Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) occurrence, causative pathogens, and resistance patterns in surgical intensive care units (SICU) are different between Western and developing Asian countries. In Thailand, resistant organisms have progressively increased in the last decade. However, the evidence describing causes of VAP and its outcomes,(More)
Diarrhea commonly occurs in surgical critically ill patients, especially septic patients and fiber formulas have been reported to improve diarrhea. Most reports have used soluble or insoluble fiber exclusively, while the effects of a mixed fiber diet remain unclear. This study compares diarrhea scores between mixed-fiber and non-fiber diets in surgical(More)
OBJECTIVE Although there were two large intra-operative observational studies on Thai surgical patients (THAI and THAI-AIMS), there has been no available study on critically ill surgical patients regarding their adverse events and outcomes. A THAI-Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) study has been established for monitoring the occurrence of these adverse(More)
OBJECTIVE Pragmatic surveys for shock management by Thai physicians are unavailable. The objective of this study is to identify the shock management patterns on both; the incidence of septic shock and hemorrhagic shock here in Thailand. MATERIAL AND METHOD Two thousand questionnaires were sent to physicians who are called on to care for patients in shock(More)