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Morbidly obese patients are generally in a malnutritional state with an extremely high operative risk. In order to reduce the operative risk, surgeons should make every effort before the operation. A protein sparing modified fast (PSMF) may exhibit its high effectiveness when taken at least for 2 weeks preoperatively. In this study, PSMF prescribed with(More)
Hepatic morphology and clinical course of mildly obese subjects with abnormal liver tests were determined in comparison with those of surgically treated morbidly obese cases. Twenty mildly obese subjects (mean body mass index, 27.9) with elevated serum transaminase levels were followed up on a low-calorie diet. Nineteen morbidly obese patients (mean body(More)
Based on the experiences in performing vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG) for 8 years, its results were analyzed and particularly its operative complications were examined. As a result, its weight-reducing effect and safety were favorable, but serious complications, although few, were observed. These major complications were the loss of gastric reduction(More)
A fully planarized stacked capacitor cell for lGiga bit DRAM and beyond having three significant features has been developed. First, all the lithograpluc processes were performed on the planarized surface to achieve enough margin. Second, the patterns in critical layers were arranged to be suitable for alternating Phase Shift Mask(PSM). Third, deep contact(More)
Differential cross sections for the ' Sp(p, n)' Cl reaction were measured at E~ =35 MeV. Remarkable differences were observed among the angular distribution shapes for the known 1+ states in ' Cl at 0.441, 0.666, 2.581, and 3.128 MeV. Distorted-wave Born approximation calculations using the recent full sd-shell wave functions of Brown and Wildenthal(More)