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Classification of closed-fermionic-string models.
  • Kawai, Lewellen, Tye
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1986
A classification of ten-dimensional closed-fermionic-string models with world-sheet superconformal invariance, modular invariance, and physical states with proper space-time statistics is presented.Expand
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Ferromagnetism in LaFeO3-LaCrO3 superlattices
Ferromagnetic spin order has been realized in the LaCrO3-LaFeO3 superlattices. Ferromagnetic coupling between Fe3+ and Cr3+ through oxygen has long been expected on the basis of Anderson, Goodenough,Expand
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Learning in feedforward Boolean networks.
We investigate, in detail, the learning process in a feedforward Boolean network. Such a network transforms a set of n binary inputs into a binary output, i.e., it implements an n-variable BooleanExpand
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Electronic structure of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride physisorbed on metal surfaces.
By using angle-resolved electron spectroscopic methods, we have investigated a monolayer film of hexagonal boron nitride ($h$-BN) epitaxially formed on Ni(111), Pd(111), and Pt(111). The electronicExpand
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Electronic dispersion relations of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride formed on the Ni(111) surface.
Angle-resolved ultraviolet-photoelectron spectroscopy and angle-resolved secondary-electron emission spectroscopy have been carried out for a film of single-crystalline hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)Expand
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Construction of four-dimensional fermionic string models.
We present a simple set of rules for constructing ultraviolet-finite closed-fermionic-string models. In particular, the method easily gives four-dimensional models which possess $N=1$ super-symmetry,Expand
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C K-V x-ray-emission spectra of solid C70 with comparison to C60.
  • Kawai, Motoyama
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 15 May 1993
Carbon K-V x-ray-emission spectra of solid C 70 and C 60 are measured, and the partial electron densities of states (DOS) are calculated by the discrete-variational (DV) Hartree-Fock-Slater (Xα)Expand
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Finite-temperature phase transition of SU(3) gauge theory on Nt=4 and 6 lattices.
  • Iwasaki, Kanaya, +5 authors Kawai
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 15 November 1992
The deconfining finite-temperature transition of SU(3) gauge theory is studied on the dedicated parallel computer QCDPAX. Monte Carlo simulations are performed on 12{sup 2}{times}24{times}4, 24{supExpand
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Synchronization of mutually coupled self-mixing modulated lasers
Synchronization of mutually coupled chaotic lasers has been demonstrated in a microchip LiNdP4O12 laser array with self-mixing feedback modulation. An abrupt transition to synchronized chaos by wayExpand
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Packing Transitions in Nanosized Li Clusters.
  • Sung, Kawai, Weare
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Physical review letters
  • 4 November 1994
Department of Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla CA, 92093(February 5, 2008)Packing transitions in the lowest energy structures of Li clusters as a function of size haveExpand
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