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It is impossible to measure directly the length of fragmentary or broken long bones. It is in order to calculate the height (stature) of the individual, using magnification factors. An attempt has been made to devise a method of calculating the length from such fragments for the three long bones of the upper limb.
An approach to image the domains and domain walls of small ferromagnetic entities using atomic force microscopy ~AFM!, with a nonmagnetic AFM probe, has been developed. Exciting the sample in an external ac magnetic field, the distribution of magnetostrictive response at the surface is detected. By this technique, the domains and domain walls of submicron(More)
We have studied the effect of the interface structure on the exchange bias in the FeF2-Fe system, for FeF2 bulk single crystals or thin films. The exchange bias depends very strongly on the crystalline orientation of the antiferromagnet for both films and crystals. However, the interface roughness seems to have a strong effect mainly on the film systems.(More)
Large exchange bias effects (DE;1.1 erg/cm) were observed in antiferromagnetic ~FeF2) –ferromagnetic ~Fe! bilayers grown on MgO. The FeF2 grows along the spin-compensated ~110! direction. The FeF2–Fe interface roughness was characterized using specular and diffuse x-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy. The magnitude of the exchange bias field HE(More)
Chlorine in alumina-based catalysts has been determined with a scanning electron microscope attached to an energy dispersive x-ray analyser (SEM-EDX). The method is less time consuming compared to conventional methods involving sample dissolution followed by titrimetry, absorption spectrophotometry or ion chromatography. The spectrometer is calibrated with(More)
We have investigated the Hall effect in giant-magnetoresistive Fe/Cr multilayers as a function of systematic changes in interfacial roughness. Two approaches have been used to modify the interfacial roughness: sputter deposition under different argon pressures, and isothermal annealing at fixed temperatures. We find that interfacial roughness enhances the(More)
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In cases of fragment/broken long bones, it becomes difficult to measure the length of bones for the purpose of calculation of total height (stature) of the individual with the help of magnification factors. An attempt has been made to devise a method of calculating the bones length from fragments on three long bones of the upper extremity.
The creep and recovery of 5% carboxyl-terminated butadiene acrylonitrile (CTBN) modified epoxy shape memory polymers (SMP) was studied. The results were compared with those for the unmodified epoxy SMP. The glass transition temperatures (Tg) were determined using Advanced Rheometric Expansion System (ARES). The creep behavior of the unmodified epoxy and(More)