Kavitha Ramanathan

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BACKGROUND Aerosolized vaccine can be used as a needle-free method of immunization against measles, a disease that remains a major cause of illness and death. Data on the immunogenicity of aerosolized vaccine against measles in children are inconsistent. METHODS We conducted an open-label noninferiority trial involving children 9.0 to 11.9 months of age(More)
AIM Fasting surrogate measures of insulin sensitivity are increasingly used in research and clinical practice. To assess the reliability of these measures, we aimed to evaluate multiple fasting surrogate measures simultaneously in non-diabetic subjects in comparison with the euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp study. METHODS Sixteen normoglycemic male South(More)
Understanding the association between the intrauterine hyperglycemic milieu and the development of adult diabetic vasculopathy is of particular relevance in India, where diabetes and vascular disease are prevalent. The gestational diabetes mellitus placenta is a valuable tool to examine blood vessels that have been exposed to hyperglycemic cues. We report(More)