Kavita P Patel

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W ith the exponential growth of Facebook and other social networking sites, patients are increasingly seeking information and emotional support online, from other patients. Recent qualitative studies highlight the great potential that online social networks represent as a source of information and encouragement in chronic disease management. However, recent(More)
Spam emails are unwanted messages sent over the internet with intend to harm users. Spam analyzers, Internet user and anti-spam community need a technique for identifying whether the email messages are safe or potentially hostile. To send malicious mails spam domains are used by spammer (i.e. criminal). Spam domains are those domains which are used to(More)
In recent years due to various kind of social activities such as theft, bomb attack and other terrorist attack preventive security measures at public places has gained lot of importance. Abandoned Object detection is most crucial task in visual surveillance system. Many Public or open areas are facilitated with cameras at multiple angles to monitor the(More)
This paper attempts to develop an algorithm to recognize spam domains using data mining techniques with the focus on law enforcement forensic analysis. Spam filtering has been the major weapon against spam, but failed to reduce the number of spam emails sent to an indiscriminate set of recipients. The proposed algorithm accepts as input, spam mails of(More)
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