Kavita Kumari

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We have analyzed 7,137 samples from 125 different caste, tribal and religious groups of India and 99 samples from three populations of Nepal for the length variation in the COII/tRNA(Lys) region of mtDNA. Samples showing length variation were subjected to detailed phylogenetic analysis based on HVS-I and informative coding region sequence variation. The(More)
Abiotic stress is the major limiting factor of plant growth and crop yield which can be improved by osmoprotectants. Proline acts as an osmoprotectant and plays an important role in osmotic balancing, protection of sub-cellular structures, enzymes and in increasing cellular osmolarity that provide the turgor necessary for cell expansion under stress(More)
A stable internal control gene or house keeping gene (HKG) is often used to normalise mRNA levels in different samples for expression analysis. In the present study, the authors identified and evaluated three HKGs, beta actin (β-actin), glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) and elongation factor 1 alpha (EF1α) for gene expression study in Catla(More)
A major challenge in the wireless sensor network (WSN) is to increase the network lifetime. The area around the sink is known as bottleneck zone. To to enhance the network lifetime, relay nodes may be used to forward the received data. This work decreases the traffic load in bottleneck zone which improves the network lifetime. In this paper transmission(More)
The present study explains the population structure and genetic diversity of medium carp Labeo gonius by analyzing partial sequence of mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b gene. Labeo gonius is a lower risk Near Threatened species, distributed throughout the North Indian major rivers, reservoirs and lakes. This species has a larger scope as an alternative(More)
At the cost of limited accuracy, analog computation is more energy efficient and area efficient. On other side, digital computation is more versatile and achieves greater benefits from technology scaling. Time Domain analog mixed signal processing (TD-AMS) utilizes both digital and analog computation advantages, and it is better solution which suits in(More)