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Digital Image Watermarking is used for copyright protection of digital information. With the widespread of internet, the intellectual properties are accessible and manipulated easily. It demanded to have different ways to protect data. Digital watermarking provides a viable and promising solution. In this paper, we have described about the three different(More)
Plagiarism has many meaning depending upon the seriousness of the task. It is piracy of content in the academic conduct and is marked as equivalent to a crime leading to disruption of reputation or much worse suspension. There are many examples from acclaimed universities to much publicized personalities those have been accused for plagiarism. This paper(More)
A new approach for reconstructing noisy curves has been proposed in this paper. Direct use of curve fitting on the noisy data yields very poor results and so some form of smoothing is required to eliminate this noise. Subtractive clustering combined with traditional curve fitting has been used to generate the original curves. The curves reconstructed here(More)
For improving the accuracy and speed of motion estimation, a refined threshold estimation technique for zero motion prejudgment (ZMP) has been proposed in this manuscript. Various fixed or dynamically varying threshold techniques reported in literature treat all the blocks whose sum of absolute differences (SAD) lie below a particular threshold as(More)
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