Kavita A. Ganesan

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The abundance of opinions on the web has kindled the study of opinion summarization over the last few years. People have introduced various techniques and paradigms to solving this special task. This survey attempts to systematically investigate the different techniques and approaches used in opinion summarization. We provide a multi-perspective(More)
This paper describes the organization of 6 DOF nonlinear autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) simulation toolbox, which is currently under development for the Ocean Explorer (OEX) series AUVS developed at Florida Atlantic University. This software development is part of 5-year ONR MURI effort of which its goal is to develop innovative tools and methodologies(More)
Vector Based Text Classification in the Question Answering field has long been explored. However, there has not been any attempt so far to take word senses into consideration in the development of the feature sets in the classifier. This paper aims to investigate the performance of a question answering text classifier built using not just the root form of(More)
The ability to find highly related clinical concepts is essential for many applications such as for hypothesis generation, query expansion for medical literature search, search results filtering, ICD-10 code filtering and many other applications. While manually constructed medical terminologies such as SNOMED CT can surface certain related concepts, these(More)
Software quality is very highly inflammable area where enormous research has been done and still being continued for effective and exclusive product outcome. Identification of defects or issues in the early phase makes the system to rectify the issues earlier and helps to manage better product outcome within given budget and time which is ultimate goal of(More)
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