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Learning for multi-robot cooperation in partially observable stochastic environments with macro-actions
This paper presents a data-driven approach for multi-robot coordination in partially-observable domains based on Decentralized Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (Dec-POMDPs) andExpand
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Security Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks
Wireless sensor network is more prone to adversary compare to common wireless network. This is due to the nature of wireless sensor network that encompasses many nodes, thus making the system moreExpand
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Near-Optimal Adversarial Policy Switching for Decentralized Asynchronous Multi-Agent Systems
A key challenge in multi-robot and multi-agent systems is generating solutions that are robust to other self-interested or even adversarial parties who actively try to prevent the agents fromExpand
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Shortest Path using Ant Colony Optimization in VANET
VANET is a form of mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) to provide connections between near vehicles and near fixed equipment. Today VANET used largely function for the public safety, the calm, TravelersExpand
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Heuristics for Multiobjective Optimization of Two-Sided Assembly Line Systems
Products such as cars, trucks, and heavy machinery are assembled by two-sided assembly line. Assembly line balancing has significant impacts on the performance and productivity of flow lineExpand
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Distributed Data Mining for Earth and Space Science Applications
Many Earth and Space Science applications involve analysis of distributed data in a heterogeneous computing environment. NASA Earth Science Distributed Data Archives, sensor networks, and virtualExpand
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Effect of foaming agents and storage period on the quality of mango fruit powder based ice cream
For production of mango powder, the mango pulp treated with different foaming agents such as glycerol-mono-stearate (T1), methyl cellulose (T2) and egg albumen (T3) were chosen for the processing ofExpand
Mobile objects can be used to gather samples from a sensor field. Civilian vehicles or even human beings equipped with proper wireless communication devices can be used as mobile sinks that retrieveExpand