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We present a high-level synthesis flow for mapping an algorithm description (in C) to a provably equivalent register transfer level (RTL) description of hardware. This flow uses an intermediate representation which is an orthogonal factorization of the program behavior into control, data and memory aspects, and is suitable for the description of large(More)
We investigate the benefits of using a functional language to reason about and to implement animation. Since animation concerns pictures changing over time, we consider the manipulation of movies or picture sequences. A compact set of primitive operations over movies is introduced and its use as the basis for an animation system is illustrated. The notion(More)
a Many on-going projects in the field of vehicular networks are working in the direction of providing driver with relevant information about roads and traffic movements. In this paper, we propose a novelWi-Fi based architecture for Pothole Detection and Warning System which assists the driver in avoiding potholes on the roads by giving prior warnings. The(More)
We present AHIR, an intermediate representation (IR), that acts as a transition layer between software compilation and hardware synthesis. Such a transition layer is intended to take advantage of optimisations available in the software compiler flow, and also to provide freedom to the low-level synthesiser, to explore options for application-specific(More)