Kaveh Gharehbaghi

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This paper presents a fully self-powered low voltage and low power active rectifier circuit for vibration-based electromagnetic (EM) energy harvesters. A passive AC/DC doubler is used to provide a supply voltage for the active rectifier circuit. The proposed circuit is designed using standard 90 nm TSMC CMOS technology. The simulation results show that the(More)
In this paper a 90 nm power management circuit for vibration based electromagnetic energy harvesters is introduced to generate 1 V from the rectified DC voltage. A mode selector block is designed to detect the output DC voltage level of the rectifier and adjust the mode of the driver block. In order to set the output to the desired level, a regulation(More)
This paper presents the design of a new threshold compensation technique for UHF Dickson rectifiers. The proposed solution addresses the efficiency reduction of previous architectures especially under large input powers. The measurements show that the proposed technique achieves very good efficiency within 10 dBm variation of the input power. Therefore, the(More)
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