Kaveepan Lertwachara

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a non-profit institution devoted to research on network industries, electronic commerce, telecommunications, the Internet, " virtual networks " comprised of computers that share the same technical standard or operating system, and on network issues in general. Abstract Recent technological and market forces have profoundly impacted the music industry.(More)
The rapid emergence of file sharing networks has enabled easier information dissemination and product access to potential consumers. At the same time, copyright protection technologies for securing digital products have been compromised repeatedly. To analyze the ensuing impacts on the market landscape for music products (a digital good), we develop a(More)
The popularity of online music sharing networks has attracted interest from the music industry, artists, consumer advocacy performance of music albums. The relative market performance of music albums is gauged using the list of top 100 albums on the weekly Billboard charts. The P2P sharing data gathered is longitudinal, spanning a period of 8 weeks. We also(More)
R ecent technological and market forces have profoundly impacted the music industry. Emphasizing threats from peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies, the industry continues to seek sanctions against individuals who offer a significant number of songs for others to copy. Combining data on the performance of music albums on the Billboard charts with file sharing(More)
Novel online file sharing technologies have created new market dynamics for the online distribution of <i>digital goods</i>. But the new potential benefits for consumers are juxtaposed against challenges and opportunities for sellers of such goods. Here we investigate one type of digital experience good, music, whose markets include the presence of piracy(More)
Novel online file sharing technologies have created new market dynamics and posed a great challenge to the music industry to try and retain customers. Consumers have created anonymous online networks to exchange audio files at little cost, which has led to millions of shared, illegal copies of music files and related sales losses to the industry. Legal(More)
Since its founding in the 1960s, the Information Systems (IS) field has been involved in critical debates about the nature and future of the discipline. Many researchers feel that diversity in IS research is our strength; others fear that too much diversity leads to losing the field's core identity. Do the scholarly contributions of the IS community reveal(More)
Estimating the life-cycle or duration of a product can be an important input into a firm's decision-making related to production and marketing. In the music industry, online Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks have attracted millions of potential music consumers and have had substantial impact on the music business. In this paper, we investigate the possible use of(More)
abSTraCT Drawing on the past literature on four retail service areas: content management, customer management, multi-channel management, and visitor traffic management, this research offers an empirical analysis of the relationships between these four service areas and the online sales performance of Web retailers. Using data from an independent source on(More)