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This study was conducted on 20 male patients of Essential Hypertension (EH) in order to explore the possible role of baroreflex mechanism in the etiology of EH and also to find out whether by restoration of baroreflex sensitivity to normal level either by postural tilt stimulus on a tilt table or by the equivalent yogic postural exercise (Yogic asanas), the(More)
The therapeutic potential of xanthinol nicotinate in the revival of anaesthetised monkeys subjected to acute blood loss was investigated. The arterial pressure was lowered to 40 +/- 5 mmHg by rapid arterial bleeding and was maintained at this level for 2 h. Shed blood was then returned through infusion, to the animals. Animals alive at the end of 72 h(More)
Introduction of computers and image analysis systems are gaining faster momentum in order to quantitate the assessment of cells for diagnosis and prognosis, and this system aims to relieve the operator from the tedium of microscopic observation and reduce operator bias and human error. This paper discusses the design and configuration of an interactive(More)
The phsopholipid composition of lung tissue and lung lavage in rats exposed to acute hypoxia, chronic hypoxia, and acute and chronic hypoxia associated with cold has been estimated and compared with controls. Different fractions of phospholipids were separated by thin layer chromatography. Results showed that acute hypoxia lowered phospholipids in lung(More)
Thyroid hormone is an important regulator of lipid metabolism in vivo. The effect of thyroid hormone on the phospholipid composition of lung tissue and surfactant has been studied in hypothyroid and hyperthyroid rats in comparison with the control rats. Rats were made hyperthyroid by administering 1 mg of L-thyroxine/kg body weight for six days. Another(More)
Lower body negative pressure (LBNP) has been used to evaluate orthostatic tolerance and for studying the effects of +Gz induced physiological strain and hence has great practical significance in aerospace medicine. Cardiovascular responses in man on application to LBNP (-40 mmHg) in seated (upright) position in a specially designed LBNP chamber have been(More)