Kav Vedhara

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This study examined the relationship between indices of self-reported emotional distress and absolute versus change in cortisol levels. Fifty-four women attending a diagnostic breast clinic completed scales measuring stress, anxiety and depression and provided five saliva samples over the course of a single day for the measurement of cortisol. No(More)
OBJECTIVE According to the common-sense model of illness behaviour, illness representations are directly related to coping and, via coping, to adaptive or maladaptive outcomes. However, it may be more appropriate to conceptualize coping by assessing what patients actually do - i.e., their coping behaviours - rather than what they say they do in coping(More)
The effects of corticosteroids on memory performance have been the subject of some controversy. Whilst many studies have shown that high levels of corticosteroids can impair memory performance, others have shown they can facilitate it. One explanation for these discrepant effects arises from the differential activation of the two types of corticosteroid(More)
OBJECTIVE There is accumulating evidence to indicate that the illness representations of significant others are important for understanding patients' responses to chronic disease. The aims of the present study were to (a) assess the illness representations of patients with type 2 diabetes and their partners, (b) determine the extent of agreement between(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has demonstrated that the psychological morbidity experienced by informal caregivers is associated with increased vulnerability to infectious diseases, in particular influenza. A pragmatic trial was conducted to examine whether a stress management intervention (SMI) could reduce psychological morbidity and enhance the antibody(More)
OBJECTIVES This study reports an application of protection motivation theory (PMT) to the prediction of parental adherence to eye patching recommendations for children with amblyopia over a 2-month period. The study also considered the role of past behaviour in PMT. DESIGN AND METHODS A total of 151 parents of children with amblyopia who were attending(More)
OBJECTIVE Different emotions are to some extent associated with different ways of coping. Cognitive processes involved in determining emotional reactions may influence coping (perhaps through directing attention or generating salient information). This study explored possible appraisal-coping associations by examining whether a set of appraisal components(More)
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