Kaustuv Datta

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The bacterial ribosome is an extremely complicated macromolecular complex the in vivo biogenesis of which is poorly understood. Although several bona fide assembly factors have been identified, their precise functions and temporal relationships are not clearly defined. Here we describe the involvement of an Escherichia coli GTPase, CgtA(E), in late steps of(More)
The Obg subfamily of bacterial GTP-binding proteins are biochemically distinct from Ras-like proteins raising the possibility that they are not controlled by conventional guanine nucleotide exchange factors (GEFs) and/or guanine nucleotide activating proteins (GAPs). To test this hypothesis, we generated mutations in the Caulobacter crescentus obg gene(More)
Bacteria encode a number of relatively poorly characterized GTPases, including the essential, ribosome-associated Obg/CgtA proteins. In contrast to Ras-like proteins, it appears that the Obg/CgtA proteins bind guanine nucleotides with modest affinity and hydrolyze GTP relatively slowly. We show here that the Vibrio harveyi CgtA(V) exchanges guanine(More)
We have earlier reported that overexpression of HABP1 in fibroblast cells causes perturbed cell growth, extensive vacuolation and restricted entry to the S-phase, finally leading to apoptosis (Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2003; 300: 686–693). In the present study, we investigate the regulation of HABP1 expression in cisplatin induced apoptosis in HeLa cells.(More)
The assembly of ribosomes involves the coordinated processing and modification of rRNAs with the temporal association of ribosomal proteins. This process is regulated by assembly factors such as helicases, modifying enzymes, and GTPases. In contrast to the assembly of cytoplasmic ribosomes, there is a paucity of information concerning the role of assembly(More)
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nog1 GTPase is critical for assembly of the large ribosomal subunit. Mutations in conserved residues in the GTP-binding pocket cause defects in cell growth and 60S ribosome assembly but mutant proteins retain their ability to associate with the pre-60S. Association of Nog1 with the pre-60S is independent of guanine nucleotide(More)
It was previously reported that unlike the other obg/cgtA GTPases, the Vibrio harveyi cgtAV is not essential. Here we show that cgtAV was not disrupted in these studies and is, in fact, essential for viability. Depletion of CgtAV did not result in cell elongation. CgtAV is associated with the large ribosomal particle. In light of our results, we predict(More)
Revelation of unequivocal structural information at the atomic level for complex systems is uniquely important for deeper and generic understanding of the structure property connections and a key challenge in materials science. Here we report an experimental study of the local structure by applying total elastic scattering and Raman scattering analyses to(More)
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