Kaustav Ghose

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In an earlier article' the need was demonstrated for atomic physicochemical properties for three dimensional structure directed quantitative structure-activity relationships, and it was shown how atomic parameters can be developed for successfully evaluating the molecular octanol-water partition coefficient, which is a measure of hydrophobicity. In this(More)
We present a novel MEMS inertial sensor that directly measures the gravity gradient in order to sense the relative orientation of a satellite with respect to the Earth. An Earth sensor provides an orbiting satellite with a vector towards the Earth center. Current Earth sensors use optical methods to determine the Earth vector by sensing the IR emission from(More)
AIN/GaN metal insulator semiconductor field effect transistors (MISFETs) were designed, simulated and fabricated. DC and S-parameter measurements were also performed. Drift-diffusion simulations using DESSIS compared AIN/GaN MISFETs and A<sub>32</sub>Ga<sub>68</sub>N/GaN Heterostructure FETs (HFETs) with the same geometries. The simulation results show the(More)
This experiment is the first test of the concept for a novel attitude determination sensor in freefall, that utilizes the Earth`s gravity gradient as a reference. Current sensors require multiple optical heads with access on all faces of a satellite that might point towards the Earth [1]. Earth sensors determine the Earth vector by sensing the position of(More)
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