Kaustav Chakraborty

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'Club drugs' which include Ecstasy, gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), ketamine, and Rohypnol (flunitrazepam) have become popular with participants in 'raves', because they are perceived to enhance energy, endurance, sociability and sexual arousal. These drugs vary in their pharmacologic properties, physiological and psychological effects, and potential(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment adherence is influenced by factors like illness and patient characteristics, side effects, time taken to improve and the doctor-patient relationship. One of the important patient characteristic which has been reported to influence treatment adherence is their attitudes and beliefs towards medication. METHODOLOGY 50 subjects of first(More)
AIM To study the health-care needs of the patients with severe mental disorders as perceived by their family caregivers and the treating psychiatrists. MATERIALS AND METHODS Caregivers of patients with severe mental disorders and their treating psychiatrists were assessed using Camberwell Assessment of Need-Research Version (CAN-R) scale and indigenously(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have shown that functional somatic symptoms are common in patients of depression. However, very few studies have assessed the socio-demographic, psychological and clinical correlates of functional somatic complaints in depression. METHOD Fifty (50) patients of first-episode unipolar depression (except for severe depression with(More)
BACKGROUND Persons suffering from diabetes mellitus (DM) are at higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED). Several factors contribute to ED in patients of DM. Only few studies have attempted to explore physical, psychological and social factors in a single study. The aim of the index study was to measure the prevalence of ED in patients of DM and(More)
Therapeutic dose of methylphenidate is known to cause adverse effects (psychosis or mania), albeit in a small number of cases. Signs and symptoms of adverse effects usually disappear on stopping the medicine. Data regarding the safety of methylphenidate in comorbid attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and mental retardation are nonexistent. We(More)
BACKGROUND There are very few studies from India which have evaluated the prescription pattern for antidepressants by psychiatrists for treatment of depression. AIM To study the psychotropic prescription patterns of patients with first episode depression from diverse settings including teaching institutions in public and private sectors and even privately(More)
BACKGROUND As a pilot project, Indian Psychiatric Society conducted the first multicentric study involving diverse settings from teaching institutions in public and private sectors and even privately run psychiatric clinics. AIM OF THE STUDY To study the typology of functional somatic complaints (FSC) in patients with first episode depression. MATERIALS(More)
Iloperidone, a piperidinyl-benzisoxazole derivative, is structurally related to risperidone and approved for treatment in acute stage of schizophrenia. Iloperidone is usually considered as a prolactin sparing atypical antipsychotic thereby offering treatment advantage. We aim to present the first reported case of iloperidone-induced hyperprolactinemic(More)
AIM To assess the health-care needs of the patients with severe mental disorders. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients with the diagnosis of a severe mental disorder (schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder, recurrent depressive disorder, major depressive disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder) were assessed using Camberwell(More)