Kaushik Sarkar

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In this paper, we use signed bipartite graphs to model opinions expressed by one type of entities (e.g., individuals, organizations) about another (e.g., political issues, religious beliefs), and based on the strength of that opinion, partition both types of entities into two clusters. The clustering is done in such a way that support for the second type of(More)
We identify influential early adopters that achieve a target behavior distribution for a resource constrained social network with multiple costly behaviors. This problem is important for applications ranging from collective behavior change to corporate viral marketing campaigns. In this paper, we propose a model of diffusion of multiple behaviors when(More)
A covering array CA(N ; t, k, v) is an N × k array with entries in {1, t among its rows. Covering arrays find application in interaction testing, including software and hardware testing, advanced materials development, and biological systems. A central question is to determine or bound CAN(t, k, v), the minimum number N of rows of a CA(N ; t, k, v). The(More)
PURPOSE Acquisition of higher counts improves visual perception of positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) image. Larger radiopharmaceutical doses (implies more radiation dose) are administered to acquire this count in a short time period. However, diagnostic information does not increase after a certain threshold of counts. This study was(More)
Ureteral tumors are rare and benign tumors are even rarer. Most of such tumors are diagnosed after nephroureterectomy assuming a malignant lesion, but with modern technological advancements like contrast enhanced CT scan or MR urography and ureteroscopic biopsy, benign nature of such tumors can be established preoperatively with an aim to preserve the renal(More)
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