Kaushik Nagarajan

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A metal-polymer composite with unusual properties, " evaluation of two commercial force sensors for applications in biome-chanics and motor control, " presented at the Int. Evaluation of a sensor for low interface pressure applications, " Med. contact area, force, and pressure for bioengineering applications: Using Fuji film and Tekscan systems, " Med. the(More)
In this demo, we present a novel method to estimate joint angles and distance traveled by a human while walking. Understanding the kinematics of the human leg gives the velocities associated with forward human motion. Gyroscopes and accelerometers placed at two limbs provide the required measurement inputs. The inputs are used to estimate the desired state(More)
—This paper presents a visual servo controller designed to keep multiple moving objects in the field of view of a wheeled mobile robot. A set of task-functions are presented based on the distribution of targets in the image. The task functions are are regulated through the mobile robot's velocity inputs to deter targets from leaving the field of view.(More)
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