Kaushik Majumdar

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In this paper, the goal is to further improve the output of the scalp EEG source localization by the Euclidean minimum-norm (MN) inverse during single trials. Trials have been selected based on signal power at specific time intervals in specific locations. Then the source localization has been performed by MN. It has been observed that close to a dominant(More)
In this paper, we present a biologically detailed mathematical model of tripartite synapses, where astrocytes modulate short-term synaptic plasticity. The model consists of a pre-synaptic bouton, a post-synaptic dendritic spine-head, a synaptic cleft and a peri-synaptic astrocyte controlling Ca(2 + ) dynamics inside the synaptic bouton. This in turn(More)
Differential operators can detect significant changes in signals. This has been utilized to enhance the contrast of the seizure signatures in depth EEG or ECoG. We have actually taken normalized exponential of absolute value of single or double derivative of epileptic ECoG. This in short we call differential filtering. Windowed variance operation has been(More)
Spikes in the membrane electrical potentials of neurons play a major role in the functioning of nervous systems of animals. Obtaining the spikes from different neurons has been a challenging problem for decades. Several schemes have been proposed for spike sorting to isolate the spikes of individual neurons from electrical recordings in extracellular media.(More)
Many contemporary studies have shown that astrocytes play a significant role in modulating both short and long form of synaptic plasticity. There are very few experimental models which elucidate the role of astrocyte over Long-term Potentiation (LTP). Recently, Perea and Araque (Science 317:1083–1086, 2007) demonstrated a role of astrocytes in induction of(More)
 Abstract—A time domain analog signal ( ) s t is a function : {0} s     , where  is the set of real numbers and   is the set of all positive real numbers. For most practical purposes we can assume ''( ) s t , the double derivative of ( ) s t , exists in any closed bounded interval a t b   , except at most on a finite number of points. We will(More)
 Abstract—In this work we have proposed, possibly for the first time, a rigorous mathematical definition for the one dimensional time domain electrophysiological signals and established its relationship with two of the three Dirichlet’s conditions. We have argued that any such signal can be represented as the trajectory of a particle moving in a force(More)