Kaushik Dasgupta

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—Self-healing as a technique for improving performance and yield of millimeter-wave power amplifiers (PAs) against process variation and transistor mismatch, load impedance mis-match, and partial and total transistor failure is described and investigated. A 28-GHz PA is presented with three types of sensors, two types of actuators, data converters, and a(More)
—A fully-integrated self-healing mm-wave power amplifier heals process variation, load mismatch, and transistor failure with on-chip sensors, actuators and an integrated digital algorithm ASIC without external calibration. Measurements of 20 chips showed increased RF power up to 3dB, or reduced DC power by 50% in backoff at 28 GHz. Healing 4-1 VSWR load(More)
— This paper presents various low power, compact, low insertion-loss sensors with digitized ADC output and digitally controlled actuation methods for on-chip characterization and healing of a mm-Wave power amplifier. We demonstrate low insertion loss (0.4dB) RF sensors which measure true input and output power in presence of load variations and very(More)
— Radiator arrays with Dynamic Polarization Control (DPC) and 2D beam steering enable polarization matching to the receiver antenna regardless of its polarization, orientation, and location. A fully integrated 122.9 GHz 2x2 DPC multi-port driven phased array radiates all linear polarizations (0°-180° polarization angles) with axial ratios above 14 dB, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Condylata lata in secondary syphilis is well known presentation and needs to be considered in differential diagnosis of perianal lesions. In England between 2013 and 2014 the overall incidence of infectious syphilis increased by 33% and is mainly seen in men who have sex with men. PRESENTATION OF CASE We report the management of a(More)
—An area-efficient U-shaped slow-wave coplanar waveguide (U-SCPW) in a standard 0.18µm CMOS process is presented. Compared to a conventional straight line CPW (S-CPW), it provides a more compact layout because of its approximate 1:1 aspect ratio. Measured results show that it has a quality factor and phase velocity comparable to its straight-line(More)
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